Driphouse Announces New Spectrum Spools LP

Driphouse Announces New Spectrum Spools LP
Editions Mego is always a reliable source of boundary-pushing music, so it comes as exciting news that Brooklyn-based experimentalist Driphouse is gearing up to drop a new album on the label's Spectrum Spools imprint. The record has been given the title Spectrum 008 -- naturally, since it's the imprint's eighth release -- and it's due out October 11.

In case you're not familiar with Driphouse, the project is the solo moniker of Daren Ho, a former member of Iowa oddballs Raccoo-oo-oon. His new album will contain seven songs and will clock in at just over half an hour.

The collection was originally released in a cassette run of 100 through Root Strata. At the time, it was titled Root 91. That label described it like this: "Darren Ho's latest trip down the rabbit hole is a baroque maze lit with neon lights. Machine music for The Blue Danube. Piano, harpsichord and synthesis all set adrift, levitating into minimal jewels of sound."

Editions Mego announced the album, along with this list of descriptive tags: "Ambient, Analog, Baroque, Beautiful, Bizarre, Boring, Cold, Daren Ho, Digital, Driphouse, Drone, Electronic, Electronica, Experimental, Floating, Harpsichord, Library Electronics, Modular, Mysterious, Piano, Psychedelic, Puzzling, Satie, Spectrum 008, Spectrum Spools, Sterilized, Synthesizers, Ugly, Wendy Carlos, Wobbly, WTF, Zig-Zag." So maybe that gives you some idea of what we're in for.

See the tracklist below and pre-order a vinyl copy here. A seven-minute preview is embedded at the bottom of this page.

Spectrum 008:

A1. "Slow Sum Part One"
A2. "Chompers World"
A3. "In Peru"
A4. "Slow Sum Part Two"
B1. "Dots"
B2. "Smiley"
B3. "Back in the Hole"

driphouse - root 91 (album preview) by experimedia