Drexciya Harnessed the Storm

Drexciya return to the scene again, this time with more of their Detroit electro. Who they are remains a secret, even though they have released quite a few albums and EPs in the past ten years. This time they present ten tracks of looped electro. Sometimes the tracks are melodic, while others have a gritty Motor City feel to them. This is not the '80s electro currently undergoing a revival, but forward-looking, vocal-less, sci-fi stuff. Most of the tracks are upbeat and will work well on any techno/electro dance floor. The opener, "Under Sea Disturbances," features the clean synth melodies Detroit has always been known for, as does the closer, "Birth Of New Life." In between, the tracks range from the throbbing "Digital Tsunami" to the robotic funk of the "The Plankton Organization". (Tresor)