Dresden Radio Star & Electric Motel Motormachine

The latest from Toronto-based electro/disco producers Dresden Radio Star & Electric Motel is a delicious journey into the heart of the dope computer. Surprisingly, this independently-released four-track EP is released on a homemade CD-R with a blue ball point custom cover that is better than most of the electro you can find coming out on wax from internationally respected labels. "Photograph” is a funky 808 driven number with a super dope bass line and computer voices singing, "I’m in love with the photograph.” The stars twinkle as the well equipped rocketship goes on a voyage through the cosmos in "Space Flight,” my favourite track on this EP. A grinding bass line drives "Soldier,” a track with R&B-inspired vocals and an aggressive Detroit-style electro beat. "Maggie’s Farm” takes things back to the old school, built up out of a simple synth, a bass line, a banging beat and a sample from hippy classic "Ain’t Gonna Work, No More.” Dresden Radio Star & Electric Motel drop it hot and heavy with their debut. (Independent)