The-Dream "IV Play"

The-Dream 'IV Play'
The latest delay to The-Dream's long in-the-works Fourplay LP has it arriving May 28 through Def Jam, but the R&B singer has let loose the a stream of the sensual title track ahead of the (hopefully) final due date.

The track builds on a sexed-up theme that has The-Dream admitting "I could give a fuck about the foreplay," and opting to push straight to the sex. Despite the aggressive pitch, the song itself builds itself around a raspberry-swirl of psychedelic synths, some ultra-jammy lead guitar and a mellow back section discussing his freak-nastiness at length, so it's possible his call to "stop fucking around" might be more bark than bite. Plus, lets keep in mind how long The-Dream has kept us waiting to dip into his next erotic escapade.