Drawn Ship Recruit Hannah Georgas, Mother Mother's Ryan Guldemond for 'Ghost Weight'

Drawn Ship Recruit Hannah Georgas, Mother Mother's Ryan Guldemond for 'Ghost Weight'
A couple of years back, when Drawn Ship spoke with Exclaim!, they revealed that they had recorded a duet with Mother Mother frontman Ryan Guldemond, but it didn't fit with the rest of the material on their album Low Domestic and was cut from the tracklist. It looks as if the song will finally see the light of day this fall when Drawn Ship release their sophomore full-length, Ghost Weight, on Scratch Records/Outside Music on October 22.

Since the band's debut album, singer-guitarist Lyn Heinemann and drummer Gregg Steffensen have added Trent Hopton to the lineup as a full-time member on guitars and keys. They're additionally joined here by backup vocalists Hannah Georgas and the Abramson Singers' frontwoman Leah Abramson, while Guldemond sings on the song "Breakup Math."

Although it's not confirmed whether this is the same song that the band spoke about two years ago, the title of "Breakup Math" certainly seems to fit with Heinemann's prior description that was an "over-the-top breakup-love-duo-ballad." Hear that heartbreak-chronicling song below.

According to a press release, Ghost Weight is a departure from the two-piece minimalism of Low Domestic, although the band still adhere to an less-is-more policy in their arrangements. The songs are said to be tied together by a theme of defeat, while "Gabriel Dumont" is the latest in Heinemann's string of songs about Louis Riel.

There's also a cover of Snailhouse's "Chimney Sweep." Check out the tracklist below.

Ghost Weight:

1. The Blame
2. Unknown Sister
3. Gabriel Dumont
4. Breakup Math
5. No Scene
6. Living The Grownup Life
7. Call Darling John
8. Chimney Sweep
9. Orangemen
10. Still MusicĀ