​Drake Pays Homage to Injured Golden State Warrior Kevin Durant

​Drake Pays Homage to Injured Golden State Warrior Kevin Durant
Drake may be the most visible Toronto Raptors fan, but he was uncharacteristically classy last night (June 10) when Golden State Warriors player Kevin Durant had to leave the game.
KD made his first appearance in the NBA Finals after being off for a month with a calf injury — and although Durant started strong, he left the game in the second quarter, with many fearing a torn Achilles tendon.
The Toronto crowd initially booed him off the court, but the Raptors players turned it around and praised the two-time former Finals MVP Award winner with applause.
Even Drake — Durant's greatest troll — seemed to feel horrible for the guy. He consoled Durant as the player walked off the court and later dedicated an Instagram post to the Warrior.
In the Instagram post, Drake admitted that "it was tough for any of us to even enjoy that game tonight" due to KD's injury. He added that "my only concern tonight is your well being," and urged his followers to send well wishes to the injured player.
See the post below.

The potentially series-ending Game 6 is slated to take place on Thursday (June 13) at 9 p.m. EDT. The Raptors currently lead the series 3–2.