Drake Sued by Alleged Ex-Girlfriend Featured on "Marvin's Room"

Drake Sued by Alleged Ex-Girlfriend Featured on 'Marvin's Room'
One of the highlights of Drake's Take Care is the ultra-sensitive single "Marvin's Room," which include clips of lady speaking over the phone and asking him, "Are you drunk right now?" Well, now the woman from those clips is suing Drake for royalties from the song in question.

Hollywood Reporter reports that the plaintiff is Ericka Lee, who claims to be an ex-girlfriend and former business parter of the rapper. She alleges that the couple agreed to work on the song together and split the proceeds.

Some time after the track was completed, the pair ended their relationship, and they've been embroiled in disputes over ownership ever since. Lee apparently made a claim with the U.S. Copyright Office back in the summer, causing Cash Money Records (which co-released Take Care) to respond that she was a "for hire" author.

Drake apparently offered Lee two percent of the royalties, but when she hired a lawyer in November, the rapper purportedly made angry phone calls and upped the offer to four to five percent with an additional $50,000 payout. That evidently still wasn't enough, since Lee wants to be named a co-writer (presumably meaning half of the publishing royalties), in addition to damages.

Lee filed the suit in California on Thursday (February 2). It reads, "Plaintiff's contribution is highly significant to the overall work." She claims to have a text message in which Drake acknowledges the importance of her input, writing, "U basically made that song," and, "It's shit without you."

Interestingly, Lee is being represented by Neville Johnson, a layer who previously represented Playboy in a suit over another unauthorized sound recording from "Best I Ever Had."