The Dragons Rock N Roll Kamikaze

Fans of trash rockers the Dragons are getting a second chance to get their hands on a record that was originally released in 2001. This album was first released on the Junk Records label, but the label’s poor distribution, and later bankruptcy, did not make this an easily accessible release. Due to popular demand, Gearhead Records has reissued it, as well as included five previously unreleased tracks. For fans of the Dragons who missed out on this album the first time around, it will prove to be a valued addition to their collection. With fiery ferocity, this San Diego band tears through each track with a brazen attitude. Their music inspires a world of whiskey drinking, cigarette smoking, and maybe even some leather pant wearing. "I Say Go” is an incredible track with a rolling chorus and outstanding guitar riffs, and "Three Steps from the Bar” is a powered up number that a lot of listeners can relate to. It’s easier to sleep at night knowing that these guys are out there. (Gearhead)