Dragonfly Edge of the World

While most indie bands can barely afford to package their CDs with anything more than construction paper and masking tape, on Edge of the World, Dragonfly have delivered a bound double-disc set that could pass for a coffee table book. So, what kind of music merits these casings? What kind of artistic statement deserves such illustrious housing? Short of collaboration between Jim O’Rourke and Jesus not much, and certainly not this Semisonic meets the Middle East rock. Dragonfly sound like a lot of other bands comprised of aging musicians. They have a solid Cubase sound, a host of safe guitar tones and an "I heard this work in another song” approach to songwriting. It’s not overtly bad until you slap an 86-page, colour booklet of glamour shots and bad sunglasses on top of it. The end result is a pointless flaunting of cash from a band that seems to care more about the unit than the contents. (Red Star)