Doves Finally Finishing Off Fourth Album

Doves Finally Finishing Off Fourth Album
Manchester's Doves have emerged out of hiding to give word they're back at work on a new full-length, their first since 2005's Some Cities. Due out in April on Astralwerks, the yet untitled fourth album proper by the British trio is nearly in the bag, front-man Jimi Goodwin recently told Billboard, describing the record as Doves being, well, Doves.

"Everyone talks about fucking departures but this album is hopefully just Doves doing what they do really well, which is nicely crafted songs," Goodwin said, adding that some tracks are "really expansive" and "quite emotional," while others give a bit of a nod to the band's more electronic past.

He also went on to say the album's first single, "Kingdom of Rust," has what he calls, "a country-ish shuffle beat," but was quick to point out: "We haven't made Nashville Skyline, you know what I mean?"

As to why the band have taken so long to follow up Some Cities, Goodwin told Billboard that Doves switched producers midway through due to scheduling problems, forcing the group to scrap the initial sessions done with production vet John Leckie (Radiohead, the Fall, My Morning Jacket) and leading them to Dana Austin (who also worked on Some Cities) to help finish the record.

Also, the idea to take a bit of a hiatus in the first place didn't help matters either. "In hindsight, getting off the bike like that did sort of throw us as to why it's been so long between releases, but it was necessary mentally at the time," Goodwin said.

Doves are expected to announce a chunk of UK tour dates this winter but at this point Goodwin said he was unsure whether the band would make the trek to North America.

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