Dove Dove

On the heels of the new Floor album titled Dove comes the band Dove, starring Floor drummer Henry Wilson on guitar and vocals. Fans first got a whiff of Dove’s brand of sludge on the Floor/Dove split single a few years back, but now comes the debut full-length from these wizened Florida punks. Opener, "Thank You For Patience” begins with acoustic, Paw-like pickings, but "Goes Without Saying” totally delivers the punk-fuelled goods, causing immediate memories that Floor and Dove are indeed bosom buddies. "On A Mission” checks in closer to Floor with crushing, -(16)-styled chords and a quieter, Spickle-like interlude before an Eyehategod onslaught reconvenes. The wicked time signatures and chordal shifts of "Red King” are over as quickly as they began, and "Neither Today, Nor Tomorrow” is more traditional, Floor-sweeping doom. "Twenty Three Twelve” and "Without Warning” pay tribute to Goatsnake’s sludgy down-tuneage, while "Sight and Seen” and "See You Soon, Love Always…” cater to Floor’s softer side, which is much more than mere balladry. Wilson proves himself to be quite the worthy front-man, and Dove is a guaranteed find for the Floor-curious. (Independent)