Douse 'The Light in You Has Left' (album stream)

Douse 'The Light in You Has Left' (album stream)
West Coast art-rock unit Douse premiered "Speak to Carry Us" earlier this summer, and their full-length debut The Light in You Has Left is ready to follow. The record will be released independently on October 1, but Exclaim! is giving you the chance to hear the whole thing right now.
The 10 new songs hear the band exploring "dissonance on darker terms" — a far cry from the folksy backbones of their earlier work. Chiming guitars take angular turns, cutting across the intricate and unconventional percussion work that lies beneath.
The album serves as a testament to "brooding and the struggle to change," encapsulating both the dark and disorienting ("Unrest," "Cave In," "Hypertension") and the moments of hope that can lead to pulling through ("The Importance of Each Other," "Second Burst," "There Is Something I Will Return To").
Hear that tension get pushed, pulled and twisted into The Light in You Has Left in the player below.

UPDATE (05/23): The album will soon be available on vinyl from Kingfisher Bluez. Order your copy here.