Dot Allison We Are Science

If ever there was a band whose influence and innovativeness have been completely overlooked, it was One Dove. They were doing cool things with dance music before it was fashionable, yet they had next to no commercial success. Dot Allison, the band's singer, had similar luck with her solo career, but that looks likely to change with her second album, We Are Science. It would be very easy to simply categorise We Are Science as electronica, but it has a more eclectic feel than most other similar albums, with obvious influences ranging from Joy Division to Chicago house to Detroit techno. Some tracks have a dreamy quality, bringing it closer in spirit to Primal Scream, while others are more New Order than anything else, yet it never sounds overly electronic, keeping an organic sound thanks to Dot's wonderfully warm vocals. Two of the tracks were recorded a couple of years ago with Dave Fridmann and some members of Mercury Rev, and they stick out like a sore thumb amidst all the pulsing beats. That doesn't make them bad songs; it just makes them sound like they belong on another album. Despite that, this is the best record that Allison has been involved with since those early days in One Dove. (Mantra)