Sadness accompanies this Twisted Nerve release as solo artist and member of Dakota Oak, Misty Dixon and DOT, Dave Tyack, has been missing since August of last year, after going on holiday on the island of Corsica. Haunting memories of the Manic Street Preachers’ Richey Edwards come to mind, yet DOT’s debut album is a fine way of keeping Tyack’s candle burning. Also featuring James Wright and James Rutledge, DOT aren’t so much a band as they are a collective force of musicians striving to create an enthralling piece of work. Using nimble elements — light acoustic guitars, hushed piano, and murmured vocals — DOT perfect a pop sound that is warm and endearing. They also fiddle with bits of electronica, krautrock (Tyack’s influence), brass and strings, which makes things even more special for a small, tight-knit trio. The centrepiece is "Part One,” "Part Two” and "Part Three,” which actually make up for the majority of the album. Conjuring images of Neu! and Tortoise, the three parts aren’t identical siblings, but manage to exude the same rhythm and spirit in different fashion. A masterwork of a debut album by a group whose future remains very uncertain. (Twisted Nerve)