DOOMSQUAD "Pyramids on Mars" (video)

DOOMSQUAD 'Pyramids on Mars' (video)
Toronto-based trio DOOMSQUAD have given us much to ponder with the new video for their Total Time track, "Pyramids on Mars." Beyond wondering what the landscapes are like on the Red Planet, it suggests we may want to start chomping on Polaroids for sustenance.

The video, co-directed by Ghostprom and Trevor Blumas, showcases some mysterious activity taking place across an arid and open desert scene. We see twin worshippers bowing at the altar of a liquid goddess, while other characters walking by include a buff Horus-type, mirror-manned drones, and a hula-hooping master of the highest order.

"The video is about the cyclical nature of time in correlation with memory, biology and the environment," DOOMSQUAD explained in a statement. "It examines the polarities of drought and abundance, barrenness and vitality, male and female, singularly and plurality through a psychic quagmire of astral dust and mirrors."

You can soak in the surprisingly fluid set of visuals below, while the band's Total Time touches down April 29 through Hand Drawn Dracula/Bella Union.