Don Pyle Documents Toronto's Punk History in Trouble in the Camera Club

Don Pyle Documents Toronto's Punk History in <i>Trouble in the Camera Club</i>
Back in the late '70s, punk was just beginning to take shape, and Toronto was a hub for exciting musical discoveries. That innovative time was captured by music lover Don Pyle, who is set to release the photo book, Trouble in the Camera Club, on May 1 through ECW Press.

Pyle is a Canadian music industry veteran, having been a producer and a member of Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet. He shot the pictures from Trouble in the Camera Club when he was just a teenager, starting at the age of 14.

According to the official website, "This incredible document explodes with youthful beauty and tragic self-absorption, shining a harsh light on the chaotic creation, destruction and camaraderie surrounding the birth of the ugly child that became known as punk."

The book includes "over 300 photographs and 200 flyers, ticket stubs and related ephemera." This covers classic Canadian bands like the Ugly, the Curse, Teenage Head, Viletones, Diodes and D.O.A. during there formative years. There are also materials from touring acts like Ramones, Dead Boys, Iggy Pop, Bryan Ferry, Blondie and the Clash. The forward is by Steven Leckie (the Viletones, the Solutions).

If you're in Toronto, the photos will be on display at the Music Gallery/St. George-the-Martyr Church. This will open today (April 7) and run until May 18. There will also be a book launch on May 4 at the Garrison.

You can currently order your copy of the book online. It's available in a special edition that comes with a seven-inch single containing "rare period audio artifacts."