Doldrums "Loops"

Doldrums 'Loops'
Doldrums (a.k.a. Airick Woodhead) may be issuing his The Air Conditioned Nightmare later in the spring, but the electronic musician is heating things up ahead of time with another early audio preview. This time, he's offering up the swirling, cyclical "Loops."

Woodhead's vocals are increasingly approaching R&B territory as he pours his heart into plaintive lines about the draining effects of repeating patterns ("I've had enough / The loops are killing us"). Beneath this is a complex tapestry of house pop textures, with undulating synths tying themselves around a steady set of hi-hat-heavy beats. Unlike what the title suggests, there's more going on than just a short musical phrase repeated ad nauseam.

The Air Conditioned Nightmare April 7 via Sub Pop and will be supported with a stretch of global dates.