The Dø Give North American Release to 'Shake Shook Shaken'

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Dec 12, 2014

Finnish/French duo the Dø had hinted earlier in the fall that their new Shake Shook Shaken LP was due for a North American release, and the pop partnership have now confirmed it lands on our shores early next year. The band's third full-length arrives January 27 through the group's own Siamese Squids imprint.

Released in Europe this past September, the 12-song set is the Dø's first LP since 2011's Both Ways Open Jaws. The album hit No. 1 on the digital charts in France in its first week of release.

A press release notes that the set was recorded in a "pastoral 18th century water tower," with the band's Olivia Merilahti and Dan Levy stripping down songwriting sessions to use only a keyboard and a laptop.

"We quickly became obsessed with this set-up; this form of minimalism, banning 'real' instruments to the point of creating a new work ethic," Merilahti said in a statement. "Our aim with Shake Shook Shaken was to take ownership of the sounds that had previously been undervalued, while going with a more pop aesthetic. We wanted to make a luminous record to reach as many people as possible, without having it fall in on itself."

Beneath the tracklisting, you'll find a stream of "Sparks," of which the band explain: "'Sparks' is a song about people in exile searching for new cities, new landmarks, travelling through no man's land. It's the poetic side of a post-apocalyptic situation."

Shake Shook Shaken:

1. Keep Your Lips Sealed

2. Trustful Hands

3. Miracles (Back In Time)

4. Sparks

5. Going Through Walls

6. Despair, Hangover & Ecstasy

7. Anita No!

8. A Mess Like This

9. Lick My Wounds

10. Opposite Ways

11. Nature Will Remain

12. Omen 

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