Deeper Into the Heart of Dysfunction

A little industrial, metal and even pop, the hybrid that is could fill the void left when Rob Zombie went solo, Fear Factory fell apart and KFMDM mixed up their alphabet. But on its own, that statement may create a flawed impression - the lyrics on Deeper Into the Heart of Dysfunction take a serious and critical stance on violence, intolerance and the political state of the modern world. Fans of Die Krupps should only need a few seconds to recognise Jürgen Engler's writing and voice, and in some ways carries on from where his former band left off. My only real complaint about's sophomore effort is that there are just too many songs. Engler's ideas and execution are good, but after 16 tracks and two remixes déjà vu starts kicking in. Still, the album is high-adrenaline and fast-paced, with the best songs spread out enough to keep your attention from wandering very far. Since the synthesiser has become more accepted as a metal instrument, industrial metal, as a separate genre, has been faltering, and if that saddens you, Deeper Into the Heart of Dysfunction will make you feel better. (Dream Catcher)