DJ Soulslinger

United DJs of America: Volume 14

BY Venk ChandranPublished Oct 1, 2000

DJ Soulslinger has been a force in the U.S. scene for a while, from his Liquid Sky music and clothing line in NYC. Hailing from Sau Paulo, Brazil, Soulslinger has been breaking beats since 1989 (playing tribal house) and broke into the jungle rhythm with his twelve-inch release on his label. He's never lost that Brazilian influence in his style and often peppers his mixes with a samba or two - which is enlightening to hear. The mixing is rather tame in the album and the selection isn't very exciting or novel. There are some surprises for sure: Lookout for the Visionary track, "One," on the compilation. Visionary actually consists of two of Toronto's finest producers - DJ Marcus and Dave Whalen. Visionary has only recently been signed to Flex records (home of L Double and co). Soulslinger does some interesting things in the beginning, showing off his ability to juggle beats, but this kind of fades into the background. Some other tunes to look out for are "Scumbag," by the Burner Brothers, and the "Base II Dark" remix by L Double. Base II Dark is a definite dance floor destroyer. For some reason, Soulslinger includes "Whiplash," by Future Cut, a track that's definitely overplayed on compilation CDs in the States. A big disappointment was the remix of "Sweetest Hangover," by Swan-e and Undercut. The Jungle Sky tracks are relatively weak in comparison to the heavyweight tunes on this disc. Soulslinger is wicked when it comes to mixing in Brazilian rhythms, but he doesn't really show off this ability in this CD.

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