DJ Rashad's Cause of Death Revealed

BY Alex HudsonPublished May 1, 2014

Last weekend, Chicago's DJ Rashad tragically passed away, and now the cause of death has been revealed, with a coroner reportedly finding that the 34-year-old producer born Rashad Hanif Harden died of a blood clot in his leg.

Rashad's cousin apparently shared the news with Hyperdub [via the Guardian. This ends speculation that the DJ died of a drug overdose; although initial reports indicated that police found drug paraphernalia near the body, this was apparently for marijuana rather than anything stronger.

Rashad had apparently complained of an ache in his leg, but because of his relatively young age, there weren't concerns that it might be life-threatening.

He is remembered as one of the preeminent figures in Chicago's footwork scene. Tributes poured in following his passing on Saturday (April 26), and his representative issued a statement.

UPDATE: Pitchfork now reports that the information Hyperdub received from Rashad's cousin is not completely accurate, according to Rashad's mother. Stay tuned for a full statement concerning Rashad's actual cause of death soon.

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