DJ Neoteric/Various Indie-Cent Exposure: The B-Side

With The B-Side, the second volume in the Indie-Cent Exposure mix-tape (or in this case, CD-R) series, DJ Neoteric sets out once again to hip heads to what’s going down in the underground. The majority of listeners will tune in for tracks by established indie artists like GM Grimm, Non-Phixion, Styles of Beyond, and Raekwon (featured on a track by Chops). But it’s most impressive for its numerous tracks by Canadian artists who often get overlooked: John Smith, Yy, Epic, the Oddities, and Birdapres, who gets an impressive remix (the only one) for "None Missing.” There’s also an exclusive 5-Heded R-Tard track, which deserves a listen for the spot-on mockery of Thirstin Howl III. Plus, Neoteric isn’t afraid to reach into the past for nostalgia (and to educate), dropping back-to-back both tracks from Buck 65’s Stolen Bass seven-inch, recorded when he was still rapping as Stinkin’ Rich. It’s a rare opportunity to hear an even rarer release. Neoteric also opens with a Sixtoo monologue ripped from an early album by Len, one-hit wonders with "Steal My Sunshine.” Exclusive verses and unobtrusive shout-outs round out The B-Side, resulting in a capable mix that rarely falters. And in a possible first, Neoteric’s mix-tape is further enhanced by John Smith’s "Kinship of the Down and Out” video, pictures, links and more. Apparently volume three will include the kitchen sink. (Futility)