DJ Lily BROR05

DJ Lily BROR05
This EP offers up three new tracks from DJ Lily on the Swedish imprint BROR Records. "Kärlek ft. Camilla" features strong beats set against a low-key synth drone. Nice enough, but what sets this apart are the vocal additions, which give the track an old-school futurist vibe that harkens back to early '80s industrial.
"///////// (Forward)" is a bit weightier, with a nice echo effect. Moby fans will be reminded of Go-era material, as DJ Lily switches back and forth between big beats and one-note synth lines. Not sure if there's any significance to the nine forward slashes at the beginning of the track's title, but they look cool.
In a similar vein, "\\\\\\\\\ (Backward)" doesn't feature a lot to distinguish itelf from track two — same number of slashes, same heaviness and deeply hypnotic.
To be clear, all of these tracks work. The first is the most interesting — in a style that is worth further exploration — but none of them is a let-down. (BROR Records)