Dixie Witch One Bird, Two Stones

On One Bird, Two Stones Dixie Witch combine elements of Kiss and Blue Cheer to form their tribute to muddy Southern rock. Although most efforts in this genre tend to be benignly similar, Dixie Witch’s songs have potential and show an expanded vision beyond the usual "riff-verse-chor…solo!” The problem though, lies in the subtle as a urethral swabbing production decision to create a retro sound by blasting the bass frequencies. In this effort to set up a driving bottom end the music ends up sounding like it was recorded through a wall. Besides their rotten attempts at slow tempo songs on "Drifting Lady” and "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow,” it is this single production detail that is the ruining point of the whole disc. So, while there may be some real talent sunken in its murky depths, as it stands One Bird, Two Stones flows about as well as month old milk. (Small Stone)