Disney Appropriates Kurt Cobain's Image for "Grunge Rock" Mickey

Disney Appropriates Kurt Cobain's Image for 'Grunge Rock' Mickey
Who knew that the product designers at Disney were such fans of rock'n'roll? A few months ago, the company released a T-shirt spoofing Joy Division's iconic Unknown Pleasures album cover, and now we've learned that it has appropriated Kurt Cobain's image for a Mickey Mouse figurine.

As Stereogum points out, the company has made a Mickey toy called the Grunge Rock Version. And while the product doesn't specifically mention Cobain, there's no mistaking the similarity -- Mickey is sporting the Nirvana frontman's signature oversized white shades and is carrying a left-handed guitar that looks suspiciously like a Fender Jaguar.

The toy comes from a line of "cool-looking" Mickeys created in collaboration with Mediacom and the Japanese brand Roen. The line dates back a couple of years in Japan, and the Grunge Rock Version comes from the second series.

The Cobain-esque figurine has caused a bit of a stir since it hit eBay. Other toys see the beloved cartoon character firing guns, wielding swords and dressed as a mummy. You can see the toys (and buy them, should you desire) right here.