Disguises Weaponizer

Having harvested most of Toronto’s negative energy in just a few short years, this trio of urban noise shamans finally decided to unleash their clangourous brand of malfeasance upon a larger audience. Weaponizer, the group’s first proper full-length release, conjures up violent images of what the planet might look like if the forces of nature were left to thrive unchecked by humanity’s desire to dominate. A volcanic bass rumble provides a seismically unstable platform over which slabs of fractured sound are heaved. Pile-driving percussion and inhuman screaming randomly peer through the dense wall of crushing dissonance. From the opening salvo of "What Happened to Your Face?” to the final nerve-shattering moments of "Advanced Rabies,” the maelstrom of sound devours everything in its vicinity, constantly increasing in size and always on the verge of exploding. Laid to tape by the band and produced by Andrew Zukerman of the mighty Gastric Female Reflex, Weaponizer is a stunning document that rivals the Disguises’ live show in terms of unflagging primal energy. It stands alone, like a massive black hole, as a symbol of unchecked negativity. (Wintage Records and Tapes)