Dirty Three Return with 'Toward the Low Sun'

Dirty Three Return with 'Toward the Low Sun'
After nearly a seven-year layover, Australian instrumental indie outfit Dirty Three have returned. The group have just announced they'll be unleashing a new album called Toward the Low Sun in 2012, marking their first new studio album since 2005's Cinder.

While violinist Warren Ellis has spent the last several years working with Nick Cave, whether in the Bad Seeds, Grinderman or the duo's film scores, and drummer Jim White has spent his time collaborating with Nina Nastasia, among others, fans of the trio's heart-rending string and percussion melodies will no doubt be stoked to know they've reunited with guitarist Mick Turner for another disc.

Though the nine-song affair has to stand up to classic works like 1996's Horse Stories and 1998's Ocean Songs, Ellis told Aussie publication The Vine that Toward the Low Sun is a winner.  

  "I think we may have cracked it," he said. "This may well be the definitive album from Dirty Three."

  Drag City will deliver Toward The Low Sun February 21.

Toward The Low Sun:

1. "Furnace Skies"
2. "Sometimes I forget you've gone"
3. "Moon on the land"
4. "Rising below"
5. "the pier"
6. "Rain Song"
7. "That was was"
8. "Ashen snow"
9. "You greet her ghost"