Dirty Pretty Things Pack It In

BY Cam LindsayPublished Oct 1, 2008

Dirty Pretty Things have announced their official split. The London-based band featuring former Libertines Carl Barat and Gary Powell gave a statement to the NME saying the break-up is due to the members' interests in pursuing other projects, though not a suspected Libertines reunion with Pete Doherty.

The statement reads:

It is with some sadness we announce the farewell of the Dirty Pretty Things. It's been a glorious three years which we all would gladly live out again, but it is time for us to try new things (not The Libertines).

We are reluctant to give up touring but will give the last waltz everything. We have and are determined to go out as we came in, after which we all have other ventures to be getting on with and splendid future plans.

Heartfelt thanks to all who made it what it was, much love and we'll see you on the road.

The band's demise comes only months after the release of their sophomore album, Romance at Short Notice, which failed to live up to the promise of their debut, 2005's Waterloo to Anywhere.

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