The Dirty Nil "Zombie Eyed"

The Dirty Nil 'Zombie Eyed'
Dependably raucous Hamilton, ON trio the Dirty Nil have another slab of 7-inch wax on the way, this time in the form of a split with Northern Primitive. The Dirty Nil's contribution is a characteristically fiery tune called "Zombie Eyed."

The grungy track utilizes a loud-quiet-loud structure, ragged yells and searing distortion. The 7-inch comes out tomorrow (January 8) through Indoor Shoes. Order a copy from Bandcamp and listen to "Zombie Eyed" (plus North Primitive's "Positive Bondar") below.

In a statement, the Dirty Nail explained, "Putting out a record with friends is awesome because there's more people to drink with, double the doom, double the fuzz, people to tell you if there's too much fuzz (there never is), people to tell you when you're in tune (we never are), maximum bro hangs, less songs to write, less money to pay, you get to form the justice league of rock and roll, blood pacts, telepathic homie love, hombre Valhalla, and a constant drone of swearing."