Diplo and Skrillex "Take Ü There" (remix ft. Kiesza, Riff Raff)

Diplo and Skrillex 'Take Ü There' (remix ft. Kiesza, Riff Raff)
This may be a bit confusing, but sometimes Diplo and Skrillex work together under the name Jack U, and they recently served up a single "Take Ü There." Oddly, a new remix featuring Mad Decent rapper Riff Raff has the occasional production partners going back to their usual stage names.

On display again are the love-giving coos and cries Kiesza places atop house-pop synths and some speedy rhythms, but now the tune's section of funky faux-brass is augmented with Riff Raff's odd, observational spitting style. He cops to often being distracted by ass cheeks, and manages to cruise a Lambo off a lot, among other quick-lipped quips.

You'll find a stream of track's ebbing and flowing arrangement, big on air siren's, steel drum-and-bull whip percussive tones and more, down below.