Dilly Dally "The Touch" (video)

Dilly Dally 'The Touch' (video)
Toronto's Dilly Dally dropped their heavy-hitting debut LP Sore last month, and the grunge punk crew have followed up the release with a brand new video for album cut "The Touch."
"I wrote this song for a friend of mine who was having suicidal thoughts," Katie Monks explained in a statement about the song's meaning. "I felt this huge sense of urgency, and wanted to nurture him in anyway I possible could: sexually, emotionally, and then finally realized that I could help him through music. It was all very instinctual. The song attempts to reach him in his dark place, and then lure him away from there. The chorus in this song is very sweet and gentle. It is meant to be comforting and remind him of romance and the softness of a woman's touch. If that isn't enough to live for, then I don't know what is."
The clip itself was directed by David Waldman and blends live footage of the band jamming in a basement amidst an explosion of feathers with some fantastical, ghostly imagery superimposed to add a few extra layers of darkness.
Watch the video for "The Touch" below, then be sure to read our interview with Dilly Dally from the November issue of Exclaim! over here.