Dig It Up Magnets

Who couldn't love a band that someone once saw fit to dub "party punk"? Melding the over-the-top riffs of Turbonegro with the manic hardcore drive of the Bronx, Dig It Up have provided a (brief) soundtrack to your next Black Flag pizza party. While Magnets doesn't quite match the manic, massive-sounding live destruction of these Montreal punks, that doesn't mean it isn't rad. "Oh No!" is a speedy, brutal slice of garage rock with an instantly catchy chorus (read: "Hey! Hey! Hey!"), while "Aristocrats" manages to showcase impressive guitar work, inventive and memorable songwriting, and kick-ass punk rock in four-and-a-half minutes. Magnets is worth picking up but do yourself a favour and catch the fury in person next time this bearded monstrosity roll through your town. (Independent)