Devotion Bastard Son Of Affluence Blues

Inspired by the rhythmic pace and confrontational attitude of old school hardcore, yet clearly comfortable with more contemporary bands, Vancouver, BC's Devotion create an intriguing, unique atmosphere on this debut offering. Pouring a rhythmic foundation culled from early Sick Of It All, yet influenced by pelvic punk rock'n'roll, Devotion establish an impenetrable front, and songs revel in the same metre that acts such as Hatebreed have struggled to mimic for years. Here though, it feels entirely natural. The next step finds the crew factoring in a host of guitar harmonies and octave-heavy riffs to give a well-rounded sound to their churning tempos. Coupling a discreet adoration for Refused with deeper melodies and a variety of borderline emo structures, vocals offer a rousing fullness to the final product. While not about to alter the state of modern music, Bastard Son Of Affluence Blues is still a hearty offering that delivers consistently. (Rivalry)