​Detroit's AfroFuture Festival Nixes Race-Based Ticket Pricing

Organizers say they changed to pay scale after receiving racist threats, while Eventbrite says a race-based pay scale violated its rules
​Detroit's AfroFuture Festival Nixes Race-Based Ticket Pricing
Detroit music event AfroFuture Fest has removed ticketing tiers based on the race of event-goers.
The festival initially launched ticket sales by offering $10 USD earlybird/$20 USD regular admission for people of colour, and $20 USD earlybird/$40 USD regular admission for non-POCs.
The decision got a global reaction, with some praising the festival for supporting access to affordable entertainment in POC communities, while others were outraged at the divided prices.
Tiny Jag, a biracial rapper, pulled out of the event, lamenting the fact that her grandmother "would have been charged double to come support me."  She also received a mix of positive and negative reactions.
After the ticket controversy received media exposure worldwide, AfroFuture organizer Numi Ori took to Twitter to announce the ticket pricing had been changed due to "threats from white supremacists" and to prevent youth from seeing offensive racist comments on the event's Instagram.
Ticket sale platform Eventbrite, meanwhile, claimed the race-based pricing violated its terms and conditions, and told AfroFest organizers the event would be removed if the ticket tiers were not revised.
"We do not permit events that require attendees to pay different prices based on their protected characteristics such as race or ethnicity," an Eventbrite spokesperson told CBC.
As such, tickets for AfroFuture are now simply listed at $20 USD, though non-POCs are encouraged to contribute an additional donation.
AfroFuture Fest is slated to take place on August 3 at Feedom Freedom Grounds in Detroit. The lineup includes Lost Boy, Charity, Problematic Black Hottie, Curtis Roach, White Buffs on the Astral Plane and more.
The festival is put on by the Detroit-based, youth-led non-profit initiative of the same name. Find out more about AfroFuture's fundraising goals here.

Tickets for AfroFuture Fest are available here.