Delta Dart Fight or Flight

Resist the initial temptation to draw comparisons between these three Olympia ladies and that other Olympian all-girl sentiment-punk trio, and you'll find yourself in the midst of a truly pretty and sincere record. Set up as the perfect soundtrack for an introspective bus ride home from visiting your far-away beau or belle, the tracks on Fight or Flight range from heart-felt love ballads to hopped-up rock fun, but never fall into the traps of excessive sappiness or become gag-reflex exercises in poppiness. Delta Dart keep things interesting with their knack for tactful and almost inconspicuous insertion of selected lyrics from a number of ’80s pop semi-hits, among them bits of the Cure's "Let's Go to Bed" and Romeo Void's "Never Say Never." Their soaring vocal harmonies express a sweet desperation and earnest eagerness that will charm you into believing Delta Dart deserve all the praise they can gather, at least for their obvious passion alone. (Paroxysm)