Dehuman Black Throne of All Creation

This debut from Belgium's Dehuman is one intense listen. The band take the swampy, sludgy sounds of early '90s Obituary and the technical death metal proficiency of mid-'90s Death to create a sound that's equal parts impressive and oppressive, head-bangingly familiar and mind-numbingly unoriginal. Your enjoyment depends on where you stand in regards to death metal. If you're a diehard who loves it all, you'll find nothing wrong with this. If you crave even a modicum of originality, you're going to want to go elsewhere. A great deal of death metal fans fall into the former category though: as long as it grinds and grooves, and opens caskets and does horrible things and all that jazz, it's all good. And, man, when a band are as talented and solid as Dehuman, it's almost all good. But until they manage to up the originality a bit and get a bit of a better grasp on adding in some space to breathe in the music (if that's something they're even interested in, which I kind of doubt), it's one for death metal diehards only. (Kaotoxin)