Deftones Offer Album Update, Promise New Music Next Year

Deftones Offer Album Update, Promise New Music Next Year
The last we heard from alt-metal crew Deftones, they were hinting that their long-awaited new album would arrive this November. Considering the fact that November starts in a matter of days, you might be wondering where your promised Deftones is. Well, we're sad to say that you'll have to wait a little longer.

As NME reports, drummer Abe Cunningham offered an album update to Morning Blaze.

Cunningham said that the album will arrive in 2016. "It's going to come out in the new year… We had some dates that were already kind of tentative."

He also said that the album is completely done the tracking phase. "It's being mixed now," he said. "It started being mixed a couple weeks back. They're actually going tomorrow to go down and listen to mixes and do things...."

As for the album's title or artwork, that's still up in the air. "We're mixing and we still are in the process of album title, artwork, song titles. We haven't even got there yet, but the music's done."

If and when the new Deftones album arrives, it'll be their first new release since 2012's Koi No Yokan.