Deerhoof Reveal Live Album 'Fever 121614'

Deerhoof Reveal Live Album 'Fever 121614'
San Francisco-based art-rock unit Deerhoof blurred the lines between science and music on their recent collaboration with a large hadron collider, but hopefully you won't have to flex your brain muscles too hard to understand the band's next project — a live album.
The slightly more straightforward performance was recorded last year while the band were touring in support of La Isla Bonita. The show that made the final cut was filmed at Fever in Tokyo on December 16, and as such, the album's going by the name Fever 121614.
The live offering will be available on November 27 via Polyvinyl/Felicity and will include a video download, as well as fan-made anime-style portraits of the band members, which are pictured below.

Check out the live album's tracklisting below, and continue scrolling to check out a video clip of Deerhoof's performance of "We Do Parties."
Fever 121614:
1. Exit Only
2. Paradise Girls
3. Let's Dance The Jet
4. Doom
5. Fresh Born
6. We Do Parties
7. Buck And Judy
8. Dummy Discards A Heart
9. Twin Killers
10. I Did Crimes For You
11. There's That Grin
12. Come See The Duck