Death Waltz Releases 'Blair Witch' Soundtrack, Shares 2016 Halloween Mix

Death Waltz Releases 'Blair Witch' Soundtrack, Shares 2016 Halloween Mix
Earlier this year, new-school horror master Adam Wingard scared us all to death with his Blair Witch sequel. And while it might have not been a huge box office smash, the folks over at Death Waltz are now treating its soundtrack to a vinyl release.

Scored by Wingard himself and Simon Barrett, the new release is now on sale here, just in time for Halloween.

The release is apparently a one-time pressing of 1,000 units. It's been pressed on 180-gram "Black As Night" vinyl. The artwork, which you can see above, was done by Matt Ryan Tobin.

Down below, you can check out its tracklist, where you can also listen to the entire release.

Also, since today is October 31 after all, Death Waltz has teamed up with sister label Mondo for their annual Halloween mix.

Via the labels' newsletter, they write: "To celebrate Halloween today, we have an hour long mixtape for your listening pleasure featuring a bunch of past, present and future tracks. Enjoy!"

You can hear the entire Halloween mix at the bottom of the page.

On top of all that, Mondo has revealed it will release the soundtrack to Darren Aronofsky's The Fountain on Wednesday (November 2). That film was scored by Clint Mansell, along with Mogwai and Kronos Quartet. And Death Waltz released an Evil Dead 7-inch today, but that has already sold out.
Blair Witch OST:

Side A:

1. Black Hills Forest

2. Rustin Parr

3. Camp Fire

4. Panic Attack

5. Blair Witch

6. Lane and Talia

Side B:

1. The Project

2. Invocation Of Evil

3. No Trespassing

4. The House In The Woods