Deadstring Brothers Starving Winter Report

Think the Motor City is just about cars and soul music? While the latest Super Bowl halftime show was marked by the Rolling Stones sloppily going through the motions and being a parody of their once sweaty and sweet rock’n’roll personas, Detroit’s Deadstring Brothers are ready and waiting to carry on the Stones bravado and harmonious rock to a new generation. Think the licks and spontaneity of Exile on Main Street combined with such dreamy and soul-stripping harmony as Gram Parsons and Roger McGuinn circa Sweetheart of the Rodeo, and you get a good glimpse of what this five-piece band of musical brothers are all about. This is country rock’n’roll with shit loads of soul and songs that are catchier and cooler than most radio hits. While based in Detroit, their influences run deeper down I-75 with hints of blues, country and soul, mixed in with some keyboard-driven Americana reminiscent of the Band. From the honky-tonk, finger-waving opener "Sacred Heart” to the cigarette in the guitar swagger of "Lonely Days,” the Deadstring Brothers are one of the most refreshing rock records to hit the shops in many months. (Bloodshot)