Deadstring Brothers Silver Mountain

From the opening Stones-y grind of "Ain’t No Hidin’ Love,” this third album from Detroit’s Deadstring Brothers clearly shows that they aren’t wavering from their mission to keep rock and roll’s spirit of ’72 alive. In some ways it’s an admirable cause, since (as we all can agree) Exile On Main Street will forever be the perfect rock album. On the other hand, it’s about as foolish as trying to copy a Picasso. That said, Silver Mountain is an above average serving of heart-on-the-sleeve sleaze that’s at least as good as what Primal Scream pulled off with "Rocks.” "Queen Of The Scene” sees the band firing on all cylinders, with back-up vocalist Masha Marjieh asserting herself nicely. But generally, the anticipated party never quite kicks into full gear. A saving grace is the beautifully gospel-infused title track, and a suitably ragged cover of Willie Nelson’s "You Look Like The Devil.” However, Silver Mountain is far from the masterpiece the Deadstring Brothers were hoping for. Next time they might want to set their sights a bit lower, like trying to make a Black Crowes album. (Bloodshot)