deadmau5 "You There?" / "Suckfest9001"

deadmau5 'You There?' / 'Suckfest9001'
Over the last day or so, the gossip sites have been filled with the news of deadmau5's breakup with his fiancee Kat Von D, and now the mouse-headed EDM king is putting the focus back on music by sharing a couple of new tracks.

He let loose "You There?" and "Suckfest9001" on his SoundCloud page. Both of the tracks are seven-minute minimal club bangers that give way to pensive synth breakdowns during the middle section. The former tune includes some rather disorienting breaks in the groove, which are punctuated by a robot voice asking, "Are you there?"

For those seeking some juicy gossip regarding the aforementioned breakup, the beatmaker has posted a public statement on Facebook.