Deadcats Bad Pussy

The West Coast cousins of the Cramps, the Stray Cats and Link Wray return with their claws out for their fifth album. This one has more going for it than the last one, which was made up of covers and not as varied. Here, they flex their muscles on 14 songs that shift from surf to punk to rockabilly without losing the listener. "High Lonesome Cactus" has a countrified surf groove that wouldn't be out of place on the Ventures Play the Country Classics album. The covers were also chosen with care and given a good polish. Johnny Cash's "Mean Eyed Cat" was probably chosen more for the name than anything else, but would likely bring a smile to the face of the "man in black." And although the inclusion of "Police On My Back" may seem an odd choice, it manages to work nonetheless. The Deadcats really shine on the a couple of moody weird numbers like "Night Sander" and "Crypt Zombie Hula," where they really get in touch with their inner monsters. (Flying Saucer)