Dead Poetic New Medicines

With a much cleaner sound than their previous effort, New Medicine is a step away from the more old-school emo sound of Four Wall Blackmail. More Victory Records than Dischord Records this time out, Dead Poetic still infuse their sound with a nod towards the genre’s more hardcore forefathers. Intriguing and original album artwork helps complement the listening experience; though taxing at times, the layout style of the liner notes is rewarding in its inventiveness. At times barrelling ahead in full screamo mode, like on the brutal "The Dream Club Murders,” the band finds equal time to experiment with slightly softer sonic textures; "Dimmer Light,” while still emotionally heavy, utilises interesting keyboard effects and the subtle sounds of a cello. Dead Poetic, while sounding more modern on New Medicines, have still managed to retain the enthusiasm that made them a compelling band to begin with. (Solid State)