Dead Kennedys' East Bay Ray Announces New Full-Length with the Killer Smiles

Dead Kennedys' East Bay Ray Announces New Full-Length with the Killer Smiles
While Dead Kennedys  guitarist East Bay Ray might not be down for an all-night alcohol binge, especially one sponsored by Heineken, the legendary punk six-stringer is still keeping himself busy with his new project, the Killer Smiles. With that in mind, his new band are just about ready to drop their self-titled debut disc this fall.

A press release explains that the 12 songs on the album were written by East Bay Ray and former Wynona Ryders singer/current DK fill-in vocalist Skip Peterson during some recent Dead Kennedys tours. The material, however, finds East Bay Ray flexing his chops beyond his other outfit's fun and frightening political hardcore leanings. There still is a tie to the past, though, as old tourmate and Butthole Surfers guitarist Paul Leary signed on to record the project.

"While Skip and I were touring in the DKs, we started writing a batch of new songs and wanted to record them," East Bay Ray explained in a statement. "And then Paul Leary, who the DKs used to play with in warehouses back in the day, took a liking to the project and he ended up producing it."

Anchored by Ray's distinctive, spooky guitar tone and Peterson's "old school attitude," the album takes aim at phonies on "You're Such a Fake" while whipping up frenetic punk furor on tracks like "It's Broken." You can check out a video for juiced-up punk anthem "Raising the Stakes" below.

East Bay Ray and the Killer Smiles will be released on MVD Entertainment on September 13.

East Bay Ray and the Killer Smiles:

1. "Raising the Stakes"
2. "Lipstick Cherry Red"
3. "You're Such A Fake"
4. "Area 51"
5. "The Heart Is Something"
6. "It's Broken"
7. "I'm A User"
8. "The Runner"
9. "The Last Time You Failed"
10. "Safe and Sound"
11. "The Hardest Part"
12. "16 Tons"