Daylight Dies No Reply

Daylight Dies reeks of Europe, what with all those seven-minute songs about slitting one's wrists, but the band actually hails from North Carolina. I guess depression is universal, as the 61 minutes of this opus proves. Daylight Dies incorporates a more upbeat sound into their despair, not unlike latter-day Paradise Lost or Sentenced, creating songs that you can tap your feet to (while you're slitting your wrists) and get stuck in your head. When this sort of depressive doom/goth employs such smart characteristics, it becomes something worth tuning in to, and when it also has a clear production sound, nice artwork and some excellent riffs thrown in the mix, it becomes a real treat. Daylight Dies lays down some of the best melancholy melodies this side of My Dying Bride and the forgotten Morgion; fans of doom and goth will be eating this stuff up. Of course there's a caveat here for those without longer attention spans, and those who would rather live to see tomorrow, but those willing to devote some time to No Reply will be rewarded and just may want to see tomorrow so they can listen to the damn thing again. (Relapse)