Dayglo Abortions Return with 'Armageddon Survival Guide'

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Mar 9, 2016

Long-running punk offenders Dayglo Abortions have remained active throughout the years, but the band have just announced their first proper album release since 2004. Ahead of the apparently ever-approaching end of the world, the Victoria trio will deliver their Armageddon Survival Guide on March 25 via Unrest Records.

The impending, 14-song release showcases the act's "unique blend of catchy punk rock, heavy metal, comical humour, and pissed off political rhetoric, with lyrical content that challenges and disputes the verities of modern life," according to a press release. While the band had delivered the Live 2011 concert set a few years ago, Armageddon Survival Guide is Dayglo Abortions' first studio-recorded set since 2004's Holy Shiite. They fully acknowledge that it's been a long time coming.

Guitarist/vocalist Murray "The Cretin" Acton explained in an explosively offensive statement:

Just like Armageddon, our new album has been rumoured to be coming out for ages now. In fact it says in the Bible, that in the end times, the world will go totally to shit, everyone will be sinning their goddamned asses off, and they will all be listening punk bands like the Dayglo Abortions, who clearly couldn't give a shit about God or the Devil. Now those aren't the exact words used of course. But that was a long time ago, and what the fuck did they know anyway. Anyway...those days are here, the world has gone to shit, Lady Gaga is rubbing her Satan worshiping vagina all over the Super Bowl, and the new Dayglo album is out.

This time around, the band are apparently targeting our collective reliance on social media ("Your Facebook Can Kiss My Assbook"), U.S. politics ("The New Black") and more.

You'll find the full tracklisting details down below, while the end-of-days cover art is up above.

Armageddon Survival Guide:

1. Your Facebook Can Kiss My Assbook
2. Cockroaches
3. Another Boring Day
4. Velcro Shoes
5. Sick Of The Lies
6. They Hate Me
7. Aliens From Outer Space
8. I Love My Mom
9. The Dishwasher
10. The New Black
11. Left Handed Nazis
12. No More Bullshit
13. To Prove That We Are Free
14. Canadian Hate-triot

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