David Lynch "Good Day Today" / "I Know" (videos)

David Lynch 'Good Day Today' / 'I Know' (videos)
Now that David Lynch is focusing on his music career, the celebrated oddball filmmaker doesn't have the time to direct his music videos. Luckily, the icon has a lot of fans just dying to work with him.

A competition Lynch launched last year for budding filmmakers to direct clips for Lynch's new tunes has just ended, with two novice film students sharing the top prize. Adod (who hails from France) put together the nightmarish video for wobbly electro-pop number "Good Day Today." In it, a young boy escapes his inattentive, hard-boozing parents via the deepest bowl of pea soup known to man, only to discover that things suck just as much on the other side of the portal.

Israeli director Temek plotted a seedy clip for uncomfortable Americana jingle "I Know," which plays out like a sinister stalker version of Adam Sandler's remote control comedy, Click.

Both clips are suitably Lynchian, but really could have gone whole hog by wrangling Laura Dern or Kyle MacLachlan into their casts.

You can watch both videos below.