David Ivan Neil 'Fake Tinder' (EP stream)

David Ivan Neil 'Fake Tinder' (EP stream)
Vancouver label Kingfisher Bluez continues its endless onslaught of new releases with a two-song 7-inch from Abbotsford singer-songwriter David Ivan Neil. Today, we're pleased to debut both sides of the record. 

Of the release, Kingfisher Bluez head honcho Tim Clapp offered the following statement:

The songs are lo-fi singer-songwriter type songs and they are great little ramblings on pop culture, alienation, and the eternal search for belonging. David is 37 and installs windows by day and writes these brilliant little songs by night. Lovely!

He's not wrong — both "Fake Tinder" and "Ballad of a Guy Who Got Shot in the Knee in Terminator 2: Judgement Day" are patient, densely layered works that contain as much ambience as they do lush instrumentation.

Listen to both songs below. Fake Tinder will arrive on May 30 and can be preordered here.