David Byrne Preparing Musical on the Life of Joan of Arc

David Byrne Preparing Musical on the Life of Joan of Arc
David Byrne has revealed that his next project will be a musical about the life of French historical figure Joan of Arc. Titled Saint Joan, the production will premiere next Valentine's Day in New York.

Byrne announced his plans in a blog post, where it was confirmed that the premiere of Saint Joan will be held at New York City's Public Theater. The show will be a "contemporary" take on the Maid of Orléans holy wars throughout the 15th century. Her story, Byrne explains, is timeless.

He continued:

Why has this story endured over centuries and been made into so many plays and movies? Because it's about someone — a nobody, a teenage girl — who inspired others to act, to overthrow their oppressors and take charge of their lives. She transforms from an innocent, into an androgynous warrior, and finally a martyr. Joan's story is about the power of the individual to make a difference and (for me) the hubris and sometimes oversteps that often go along with that. In other words — it's completely relevant.

It's further noted that the musical will be "anthemic and 'spiritual,'" but will close out with whomever plays Joan of Arc being "ultimately immolated at the end of her concert."

Saint Joan is not Byrne's first production at the Public Theater. In 2013, he, Fatboy Slim and director Alex Timbers staged a production of Here Lies Love. Fittingly, Timbers will return as the director for Saint Joan